NYC Open Water Swimming Training & Lessons

Open Water Swimming in New York City

At Tailwind Endurance, New York’s premier cycling and triathlon studio, we offer all sorts of cycling classes, individual coaching, and many other training resources. However, a triathlon has more parts to it than just cycling. We also provide open water swimming classes, led by our experienced triathlete coaches.

What is open water swimming?

By definition, open water swimming means swimming in any naturally occurring body of water, i.e. lakes, seas, rivers, oceans. Open water swimming presents extreme challenges as you are in deep waters without any lane markings, in addition to dealing with cool water temperatures, waves, currents, winds, wildlife, numerous other people, limited visibility and other natural elements. (Lions and Tigers and Bears….oh my!)

When swimming in open water, you must be flexible at all times to the dynamic environment of the open water, where anything can happen. Open water skills are essential to your development as a triathlon swimmer, and having these skills can not only improve your stroke techniques but also save you valuable time.

For most, the first open water swim is an anxious occasion, but it certainly doesn’t have to be that way. With some preparation and basic skills, we are confident that you will enjoy your first and future swims in the open water.

What open water swimming approaches do you offer at Tailwind Endurance?

“As a coach, I look forward to your moment. That moment, when the goal that you have just set forth for yourself becomes not just your challenge, but a viable reality.”  ~ Earl Walton

At Tailwind Endurance, we utilize a three-prong approach to provide optimal triathlon training regimens for a successful open water swimmer, whether it be for a first time triathlete or a long distance open water race.

Because both your competitors and water conditions are always varying, you need to train for, anticipate and respond to these ever-changing conditions. Our unique and advanced training education and methods will help.

Our three-prong approach consists of:

Technique Shortcuts:

  • Underwater video analysis: If you are looking for specific feedback to help you improve your stroke techniques, then you will want an underwater video analysis. This two-part assessment begins first in a pool with filming and then the results will be reviewed and we will go over proper techniques.
  • Kicking drills: A strong kick is an important technique of open water swimming. Powerful bursts of speed are necessary at various stages during the race and your legs are vital. Additionally, kicking drills can improve overall body position and full body connection to your stroke.
  • Feel Drills:
    • Distance per stroke (DPS) Learning how to swim all the strokes, getting maximum distance per stroke.
    • Fist swimming: Swimming with hands completely in a fist.
    • Sculling: Sculling is done by sweeping your hands through the water and keeping your elbows still.

Volume Training: Practice your swimming 3-4 times per week minimum.

Swimming regularly has many benefits to the body. Swimming is a low impact workout that improves cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength, endurance, posture, and flexibility. Additionally, swimming is great for weight loss, stress reduction, lowering blood pressure, and whole body conditioning.

Specific Training:

You must approach your training in an organized manner. Your numbers must be measured and recorded. You can then use them to plan the progression of your training.

What classes do you offer at Tailwind Endurance?

Tailwind Endurance offers endurance swim camps to help you learn to swim faster and become more efficient. Furthermore, at each camp, you will have the opportunity to develop your stroke further and experience group swims in open water. The swim camps are typically 3 days long. During these swim camps, you will be given an underwater swimming video analysis, dry land training and, of course, undergo a lot of swimming.

Feel free to contact us (212-706-2166 or to learn more about our swim camps, or sign up for our camp.

Do you offer winter swimming options at Tailwind Endurance?

Tailwind Endurance offers 1:1 endless pool swim sessions every Friday and Saturday morning at203 W 58th St as well as open water swim camps in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in January, February, and April.

Camps consist of open water swims that include a technique review, safety discussions, and introductions to our safety personnel. The open water swims vary in distances and are based on swimming ability. The options included short out-and-back swims of under 800 meters to longer destination-based swims of 1-3 miles.