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Tailwind Endurance NYC offers year-long indoor rides, running classes, coaching services, bike fitting, private and group swim lessons, strength training and community programming.   We are the central endurance sport hub of NYC providing access and opportunity to athletes of all ability to have their first or fastest event experience.

Below is an overview of each of our programs. Book a course with us here!

Off the Bike Classes

Athlete Balance:  Off the Bike  (Wednesday Evening 6-7:00pm)

Stability, Core, Focus.  

You’ve got mountains to climb and workouts that will kick your ass, today we are going to set the tone and focus on foundations!  Essential stretches and core exercises for the endurance athlete!

Goal*: Improve flexibility, balance and agility, support recovery and enhance mental focus

This 45-60 minute all-levels class that takes you through a series of highly effective strengthening and stretching exercises, key to the demands of an endurance athlete. This class may be what you’re missing in your training regime! A sequence that will benefit all athletes and active individuals. All experiences are welcomed.  I dare you to give it a try!

Adee Rose: 

Adee is a New York City-based yoga instructor passionate about helping others of all ages and abilities maximize their athletic performance. As a cyclist herself she loves building her endurance riding across US States-starting with 500 miles across NY, she’s done VA, MA, NC and still counting.  Adee completed her 200-hour RYT teacher training at YogaWorks. Adee is a Registered Dietitian and received her Master’s in Public Health Nutrition. Adee used her teaching experience to transition into a role as a Clinical Informatics Trainer, where she currently works full-time. As a native New Yorker she understands the importance of decompressing from the demands of the city; Whether it’s by unleashing stress through a high powered or a gentler restorative movement, she looks forward to being a part of your practice.


The Breakthrough:  Off the Bike

Strength. Fitness.  Missing Link. 

Look better in your tri suit!  This :45 minute body weight and light equipment class will ignite your muscles in a way that you can not do on the bike, on the run or in the pool.  Being a scrawny endurance athlete just doesn’t work anymore – we need abs, lats and legs firing!  Let’s get f’in strong!

On the Bike Classes

Achilles Inspires:  On the Bike

NYC Tri.  Sprint and Olympic Focus.

The Achilles Tri club trains at a different level.  Focused short course training for the elite Achille Tri Team includes high intensity interval training and a progression that will take you right to the start line of your next short bike race or short course triathlon ready for your best race ever!   (ps…pay no attention to the fact that the paratriathlete next to you has a higher FTP than you).

Instructor:  Thomas Barbe, Benjamin Green

Tuesday / Thursday Morning Rides

Tuesday / Thursday are the core ride days for NYC based athletes and these are the core rides you need.  Need to get outside, great, just make sure at least one of these is on your schedule each week.  Doing hills in the park, hit the foundation ride.  Doing long intervals from the top of cat to the southwest corner, then get to the Faster Ride to produce some high intensity intervals.  Rainy week – get in here for both. 


Sustained Intervals.  Half and Full IM.  Fondo. 

Sustained intervals test your mind and your body.   Hold the focus and you pass the rider ahead.  Lose your head and you get fade to the back.  Build foundational focus with longer, mixed intervals in this class.  Ideal for anyone training an endurance event that involves a bike.


Shorter, punchier Intervals.  Triathletes of any distance.  Bike Racers.

Short intervals are safer and more fun in the studio.  These high intensity intervals give you the opportunity to see just how high you can go.   We are looking for big numbers and a chance for you to experience a break through in your training.

Beginner Ride

First timers. New triathletes.  Athletes looking to learn more about training with Power.   This is a beginner level ride with heavy instruction, hands on learning and a chance to work 1:1 with a coach.  Class size is limited to 10 riders and the format is classroom not  pain cave. 

Open Ride / Team Ride

Come on in, set up the Wahoo and Ride Zwift, Trainer Road or any other program that fits.  Our gym is your living room.   A chance to ride solo or bring a friend in to check out the equipment.   This is a $10 drop in, ½ of a class on your class card or a $99 per month membership to evenings only (ends 10/1).

Hilarious Hump Day (7AM / 8AM)

Have you done core work while laughing?  Studies that I’ve done on myself show that laughing out loud during a core workout gives me twice the results.  Come on in on Wednesday morning and loosen up with Rudy and the crew.  We’ll do a :45 minute mixed fitness workout (run, core, HIIT) workout to kick off the morning while listening to the best comedy that Pandora can serve up. 

Good For:  Non-Traditional Brick Work, Core, Stretch, Smiling


Sundays @ 8AM

WBB – Worlds Best Bricks

3 Essential Brick Workouts You Don’t Want to Miss.  We will mix these up each week and get you cleaned up in time for Brunch.

Long Ride / Short Run:   1:30 Ride with Sustained Race Pace Intervals.   :20 Minute Run off the Bike

Short Ride / Long Run:   :45 Minute Ride with 20 minutes at Race Watts, Long Run as recommended for your race prep (90 minute for 70.3 /IRONMAN, :45 for Olympci)

Repeater:   :20 Minute Warm up, then 12 Minutes at Threshold, One City Block.  AMRAP for 90 minutes.

Long Run Warm Ups.   Brick Strategy.  Race Fueling.   Bricks teach me what triathlon is.

Saturday:  Summer Swim Series

Open Ride / Team Ride 8-10AM.  

Strength and Conditioning 10AM / 11:30AM  Long form Strength and Conditioning Classes.

Day Morning Classes Evening Classes
Monday 6AM:  Athletic Stretch (45 Minutes) 7AM:  Breakthrough Strength 8AM:  Athletic Stretch 10AM:  Breakthrough Strength 12PM:  Athletic Stretch   6:30PM:  Inspired w/Achilles
Tuesday 5:30AM: Foundation 7AM:  Foundation 8:30AM:  Foundation 12:00PM:  Foundation 5:30PM:  Beginner 7:00PM:   Open / Zwift
Wednesday 6AM:  Beginner Ride (60 Minutes) 7:30AM:  Hilarious Hump Day 7:30AM:  Hilarious Hump Day 5:15 – Beginner Ride (45 minutes) 6:15 – Athletic Stretch (45 Minutes) 7:15 – Empire IRON Class
Thursday 5:30AM: Faster 7AM:  Faster 8:30AM:  Faster Open Rides 6:30PM  Achilles Run Meet Up
Friday 6AM:  Athletic Stretch (45 Minutes) 7AM:  Breakthrough Strength 8AM:  Athletic Stretch 10AM:  Breakthrough Strength 12PM:  Athletic Stretch   6:30PM: Inspired w/Achilles
Saturday 6AM:  Solo Endurance Ride / Zwift 7AM:  Departure for Palisades Pool 8:30AM:  Saturday Swim 8AM:  Open Ride / Mommy and Me Class (TBD) Open for Rental
Sunday 8AM – WBB 10AM – Strength 5PM – Strength Open for Rental