Travis Hawkins, NYC Ironman-Certified Triathlon Coach at Tailwind Endurance

Travis Hawkins, NYC Ironman Certified Coach

Travis Hawkins, NYC Ironman-Certified Triathlon Coach at Tailwind Endurance
Travis Hawkins is a pro Ironman triathlete, trainer and coach, who loves to travel the world with his wife and two-year old daughter to compete against the best.  Travis has achieved podium finishes both as an age grouper and as a pro.  All told, Travis has competed in 10 Ironman 70.3 and 5 Full Iron distance races, as well as competitive Olympic and sprint distances.  In his work with Achilles International as a coach, mentor and guide, Travis helps athletes with physical disabilities compete in mainstream, often life-changing races.
  • Years of experience - 6
  • Favorite race - Escape from Alcatraz -- there's nothing like your first!
  • Fastest Race - IM 70.3 Monterrey 4:06
  • Best Pre Race Advice - Go enjoy doing what you love!
  • Worst pre race advice - Any new advice given to me during race week. Athletes seem to be the most impressionable within 48 hours of a big race.  Don't get distracted from the plan that you and your coach have put together.  You've trusted your coach year round to guide you.  Race week should be no different.
Travis has 7 years of experience as a strength, conditioning and nutrition coach.  He has worked with individuals to improve athletic performance, prevent and recover from injuries, lose weight, gain mass or simply look and feel better.
If you are interested in individualized strength and conditioning or nutritional support, contact Travis for a complementary consultation and training session.
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