Brian Hammond, NYC Ironman certified triathlon trainer / coach

Brian Hammond, NYC Ironman Certified Coach

Brian Hammond, NYC Ironman certified triathlon trainer / coach


- Ironman Certified Coach

- GURU/F.I.S.T Bike Fitter

- USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach

- International Triathlon Coaching Association

- USA Cycling Level 3 Coach

- Precision Nutrition Essentials of Sports & Exercise Nutrition Certification

- National Council on Sports & Fitness CPT


With over 16 years of coaching experience Brian was the Founder and Head Coach of WorkLiveTri, which he officially merged into the Tailwind Endurance family in 2016. Brian has a great understanding for the dilemma that many of you may be facing right now. We reach a point where we find it hard to imagine that we can do it all – manage our passion for training and competing with the responsibility to provide for our families and our desire to excel in our chosen professions.  Brian started coaching because he wanted to help others see that there is a way that you can do it –be a competitive triathlete, loving spouse, caring parent, great friend and productive employee.  His coaching business is built on the understanding that each athlete is different and needs to be treated that way – your goals, ability, family and work obligations, how much time you need to properly recover – is unique to your situation.  Working together with his athletes he believes that together we can get you on your way to creating a reality where you can have it all.

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Brian's Blog

The Truth About Dehydration- Part II Hyponatrima

In the last post (The Truth About Dehydration) we talked about the unwarranted fear of dehydration as a health risk to us while participating in endurance sports. I also introduced you to the idea of Exercise-Associated Hyponatremic Encephalopathy (EAHE); which I mentioned should be feared because it can be fatal.   So what is EAHE? ...
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The Truth About Dehydration

Why do we, as athletes, feel the need to obsess about what to drink or how much to drink for racing and training? When did we switch from making that decision for ourselves to letting others dictate how much we need to drink while exercising? Can you think of any animal in the world that ...
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So You Think You Can Bike – Intro

I have been a cyclist for a very long time…….yes I am a triathlete and yes I consider myself a cyclist. Most cyclist would argue with me tooth and nail because they don’t believe a triathlete is a cyclist and I kind of agree with them…..sorry. The reason I kind of agree with them is ...
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So You Think You Can Bike – Shifting

    I always find it a bit hard to talk to my clients about proper shifting without going into a little bit of a cycling history lesson.  The lesson that I focus on is the idea that cyclists used to ride the Tour De France (Td’F) on single speeds; yeah that race, with no ...
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Compression Gear – Should I use it? Do I need it?

Why do people use compression gear? The claim is that the compression garments are believed to improve the blood return to the heart (as it would while recovering) and allow for a better cardiac output which would deliver more oxygen to the working muscles and improve your endurance. Sounds good right? Well in theory this ...
By | January 25, 2016 | blog, science