Insider Triathlon Racing Tips

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At Tailwind Endurance, New York’s premier cycling and triathlon studio, we prepare you for every step of the triathlon training process. At our studio, you can take a variety of cycling classes, receive individual coaching, take open water swim classes, and learn from our many other training resources. We also have a great racing community, and we’re always happy […]

Triathlon (Ironman) Packing List

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In the triathlon world, the Ironman is the pinnacle of achievement. Whether you’re approaching it for the first time or you’re a seasoned athlete, it’s crucial to be prepared. Having peace of mind on race day goes a long way to having the best race possible. At Tailwind Endurance, New York’s premier cycling and triathlon studio, […]

Triathletes running in the rain to prepare for different weather conditions

Triathlon Training Tips For Different Weather Conditions

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Even though it’s an outdoor competition, training for a triathlon doesn’t have to stop for the weather. Sticking to your training plan will help to ensure you’re ready on race day. With these triathlon tips, you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way. Cold Weather Triathlon Tips Wear Layers in the Cold Forget about […]

Man tired from overtraining for a triathlon

Overtraining: Why Rest Is Important

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  If you are interested in competing in a triathlon, you should understand that it is a physically demanding competition. Triathlons are best described as multi-stage competitions that require participants to complete three sequential endurance activities. There are different variations of the competition yet the traditional triathlon consists of swimming, bicycling and running across considerable […]