Your first or your fastest can be found here.
We are New York’s premier endurance sport training studio offering a wide variety of classes to get you ready to swim, bike and run (or all three).   But we are more than a fitness studio.  We are a community of folks with goals that are looking to work hard, learn a ton and have fun.
We prepare beginners and experienced athletes for all kinds of events, from first open water swim to sprint triathlon, from Gran Fondo to Ironman Triathlon. Our coaches are all experienced racers and certified by a variety of governing boards.  No matter what type of training you require, we have a coach for you.
Efficient, focused and fun – Check out our schedule for classes tailored to your training needs, Tailwind Endurance NYC offers year-long indoor rides, running classes, coaching services, bike fitting, private and group swim lessons, strength training and community programming.  
Come in or contact us today and learn how you can be part of our community.   
Learn more 212-706-2166 or wtf@tailwindendurance.com