Triathletes running in the rain to prepare for different weather conditions

Triathlon Training Tips For Different Weather Conditions

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Even though it’s an outdoor competition, training for a triathlon doesn’t have to stop for the weather. Sticking to your training plan will help to ensure you’re ready on race day. With these triathlon tips, you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way.

Cold Weather Triathlon Tips

Wear Layers in the Cold
Forget about wearing one thick hoodie over top of a shirt. You’ll stay warm, but you might find yourself overheated. You can suffer from heat exhaustion, even in the cold if you’re not dressed accordingly. Start with a few cotton, long-sleeved tops over one another. Then, put on a standard hoodie on top of the shirts. The same applies to pants; place a layer or two of thin pants with a pair of sweat pants over top. Once you’re comfortable when standing outside for a few minutes, then you know you’re dressed appropriately. The reason to wear layers is so when you find yourself getting overheated from the physical activity, you’ll be able to take off layers. Moreover, you can always put the layers back on if you end up cold again. Additionally, layering clothing is easier to move in than thick, bulky attire.

Wear Face and Head Gear
You lose the most heat from your head and feet. Make sure you wear a hat–and a scarf if needed–to keep from losing body heat when you need it the most. You’ll reduce your chances of wind burn when you cover part of your face. You’ll also keep the air you breathe warm, which can make it easier to breathe.

Bring an Inhaler
Cold air is tough on your lungs. If you have breathing difficulty, even if it doesn’t always affect you, bring your inhaler. You’ll prevent a serious breathing emergency and feel better at the completion of the triathlon.


Warm Weather Triathlon Tips

Stay Hydrated
You’re going to sweat from physical activity, regardless of the temperature outside. You’ll sweat worse when it’s hot outside, and when you sweat, you lose water, this can leave you feeling dehydrated. The water loss can limit your ability to perform or finish your training session or race.

Dress Appropriately
It’s in your best interest to dress in comfortable clothing. You don’t want clothing that’s too loose but you also don’t want anything that’s too snug since it will make you uncomfortable. Ideally, you want clothing that’s breathable to keep you from getting overheated. It’s also important to choose material that will wick away sweat so your clothes don’t stick to you.

Pace Yourself
It’s best to pace yourself, so you can complete the entire competition to the best of your ability without having to quit early. It also helps to keep in mind where you are when it comes to your training or race. It can be tempting to push hard right out of the gate, but it’s important to remember each person is running his or her own race.

Triathlon Tips for Other Conditions

Understand the Wind Conditions
Know how windy it’s supposed to be. The wind can slow you down, especially if you’re running right into the wind. You have to work with the wind as opposed to working against it. A simple tip when training, is to run against the wind, to begin with, and with it on the way back. This ensures you don’t tire too soon.

Be Aware of Prevailing Weather

If it’s raining, wear something to protect yourself against the elements. You have to understand that the rain is going to make where you’re running slick. You want to go a little slower than usual to prevent falling. Be sure to wear shoes with good tread. You’ll need something that’s going to hold onto the ground and not cause you to slip.

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