Man tired from overtraining for a triathlon

Overtraining: Why Rest Is Important

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Man tired from overtraining


If you are interested in competing in a triathlon, you should understand that it is a physically demanding competition. Triathlons are best described as multi-stage competitions that require participants to complete three sequential endurance activities. There are different variations of the competition yet the traditional triathlon consists of swimming, bicycling and running across considerable distances.

Training for Triathlon Success

Triathlon participants endure rigorous training in an attempt to prepare for the demands of the competition. They train for each of the triathlon disciplines and also include a myriad of workouts as well as general strength training exercises. This might sound a bit intimidating to a beginner yet more and more people compete in triathlons with each passing year. If you train properly, you will not have a problem completing your first triathlon.

The average triathlon participant spends about half the race cycling, nearly one-third of the race running and about one-quarter of the race swimming. Most break up their training regimens to match these distributions. Though it is prudent to perform the same number of bike, run and swim workouts each week, the bike workout sessions should be significantly longer. The swim workouts are typically shorter in duration as swimming accounts of the shortest part of the triathlon race.

As an example, consider a week where you have six opportunities to exercise. It is prudent to bike, run and swim two times each. Yet one of your bike rides should be a full hour while a swimming session should be half an hour and a run should be about 45 minutes. However, if you are out of shape, diving right into intense workouts will heighten the risk of an injury. Start out with exercises that are appropriate for your unique fitness level. Ramp up the intensity of the workouts in an incremental manner as the triathlon approaches.

The Importance of Rest

It is imperative that you grant yourself ample time for recovery. Rest is important for the body as well as the mind. It gives you the chance to recharge your mental and physical “batteries” so to speak. Take a day off in between training sessions and you’ll notice that your energy level spikes during your next workout. Perhaps more importantly, rest will refresh your mind. The rigors of triathlon training eventually take a toll on the mind simply because the preparation for the event is so demanding.

Taking time off just might help you prevent an in-competition injury that would have otherwise forced you out of the competition early. More training is not always better. The rarely recognized truth is that triathlon participants benefit more from high-quality workouts that are combined with proper rest rather than training on a daily basis.

Time is Limited

Residents of the Big Apple are particularly short on time. We sit in traffic for hours, wait in long lines and typically work longer hours than those who live in other parts of the country. This is precisely why we must make the most of our limited time. Do not attempt a DIY (do it yourself) triathlon training regimen. It will likely prove to be a somewhat fruitless endeavor, as it will not make efficient use of the little time you have available. Assistance from fitness professionals is exactly what you need to get the ball rolling on efficient triathlon training.

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