Group triathlon training class in NYC

The Benefits of Group Classes

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Group class training in New York

The actual act of competing in a triathlon is certainly an individual test of strength and endurance. In order to truly succeed, you’ll need to learn what your body’s capabilities are and gain experience and comfort pushing yourself to your physical limits. Fortunately, while training for a triathlon, you need not go it alone. In fact, there are a number of distinct benefits of group classes.

Why learn in a group?

Both academic to athletic pursuits alike are subject to this truth: Learning or training in a group has many benefits. Here are some of the most noticeable benefits of group classes versus an entirely solo training program.

  • Economy: There’s no disputing that group classes are more affordable than one-on-one training. Every dollar you save on your training protocol can go into equipment and the cost of attending events outside of your home area. Stretch your training and performance dollar to the max and enjoy the sport of triathlon even more.
  • Encouragement: Maybe you have the budget to hire a personal triathlon coach and to book multiple sessions per week. If so, you’ll only have one person encouraging you, rather than a whole group. A group setting allows all participants to experience a structured program while witnessing the progress of fellow peers. You’ll quickly find yourself feeding off of the successes and enthusiasm of your neighbor.
  • Accountability: If you’re training on your own or with a coach, you give yourself all of the power. Lord Acton is famously quoted as saying “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This is entirely the case with group classes versus solo training for the sport of triathlon. By immersing yourself in a group environment, you share the power with that group. If you decide to skip a session, there will be people asking, “Where were you?” next time you come.
  • Variety: When training solo, it’s easy to fall into a routine. In a group setting, a variety of activity is encouraged. It’s common knowledge that the best exercise works as many muscle groups as possible and isn’t neglectful of important types of training. The group setting is ideal for guaranteeing a balanced and varied workout protocol.

Just the right size.

The group training environment at Tailwind Endurance is substantial enough to deliver powerful results and has a strong community while not growing too large. This way, each member receives the individual attention essential to delivering results in the next race. Hiring a personal triathlon trainer is great if you have the budget and don’t rely on your peers for encouragement. Frankly, most who never bring their training into a group setting are not only over-paying but don’t know what they’re missing.

Rough numbers, half of the average triathlon is spent cycling, a third running, and about a fifth swimming. You’ll want to devise a training program that suits these ratios. A trained triathlon coach will have the experience to instruct you on what proportions of your training time should be spent on which types of activity. Tailwind Endurance has a cadre of highly-trained and experienced coaches eager to assist you in your training. Their group training sessions also provide the camaraderie and peer support structure that modern science has demonstrated to be so beneficial for encouraging commitment, self-belief, and long-term success.

Tailwind Endurance invested heavily in their new location and the coaches are ready to greet incoming classes of triathletes. When you visit the new location you’ll experience the structured group classes available and enjoy state-of-the-art facilities. Train at Tailwind for your next triathlon and watch your performance rise to new heights. The motivation offered at Tailwind’s group classes is a perfect environment to encourage any triathlete to push beyond previous boundaries and achieve new and greater results