Announcing Tailwind’s New Website and Triathlon Training Location

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Triathalon training New York City

Exciting New Location

Just as somebody serious about fitness and exercise is always trying to be the best version of themselves, we too had the chance to up our game and push into a better, bolder and more productive version of ourselves. The customers and staff at Tailwind Endurance have been very fortunate to be able to take advantage of a brand-new location and we know you’ll love the new triathlon training capabilities offered by our new location on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Find us at 143 West 72nd Street for new, exciting multisport training opportunities.

New Website

Tailwind Endurance is all about the principle of constant improvement and we’re always on the lookout for ways to apply this approach to all aspects of our business. Our regular customers and those coming into the fold for the first time are quickly finding out how easy it is to learn about our various programs, hours of operation and links to social media platforms from the brand-new and modern website. You’ll be able to sign up for courses, find out about bike storage and do it all from any desktop, mobile phone or tablet. Our blog is also a great way to learn about various fitness topics that will be instrumental in the development of your triathlon training endeavor.

Why Do Triathlon Training?

Asking why somebody would want to do triathlon training instead of a traditional routine of strength training and cardio at a gym is like asking why somebody would study multiple courses at college, rather than just picking one discipline and learning everything there is to know about that specific topic. The reason is because, like educational subjects, nothing exists in isolation. This is equally true for matters of the mind as it is for the demands of the human body.

A typical triathlon, consists of three components (hence the “tri”) — running, swimming, and cycling. The main reason why it is so crucial to engage in more than one type of fitness activity is because each one will work out different parts of your body and each will engage different muscle groups. Also, in addition to just trying to be in the best shape possible, doing various exercise activities keeps you engaged in your workout and helps you avoid burning out.

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Any of our coaching clients will tell you that Tailwind Endurance is more of a family than a workout center or a fitness plan. Our coaches are passionate about what they do and they genuinely love helping their clients. Our company is built around the practice of helping people get the most out of life and the most out of their bodies. It’s no wonder that we love to share what we do on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you are a member of any of these social media sites, following us there is a great way to get a behind-the-scenes look at how we help our clients get fit, stay fit, and become the best versions of themselves.

Get going!

We cater to all skill levels in the greater New York City and surrounding areas. You won’t be going it alone and you won’t be bored if you decide to embark on a triathlon training lifestyle with the knowledgeable and caring assistance of Tailwind Endurance.