How to Create a Triathlon Training Plan

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Writing a Race Plan New york

At Tailwind Endurance, New York’s premier cycling and triathlon studio, we prepare you for all kinds of races and each leg of the race. Whether you’re a first-timer or experienced triathlete, we can help! Along with providing cycling classes, individual coachingopen water swim classes, and other training resources, we will help you tailor a custom training plan for your race.

Stages To Plan For

When planning for a triathlon, it’s important to take into consideration the before, during, and after of a race. A triathlon is a big endeavor and not something you want to spoil with poor planning. Planning for a triathlon should begin up to 8 weeks prior to the race in order to practice and prepare nutrition, equipment and pacing strategies.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that the race itself is broken down into three stages: swimming, cycling, and running. The difficulty of each stage varies between athletes, so it’s essential to develop a race plan using your unique profile.

Factors to Take Into Account

With our knowledge and years of experience, we can help guide you through planning each of the following aspects:

Goals: Your goals should always be a part of your race plan as they give you something to strive for and provide a way to measure your success after completing the race. Goals are established early in the season and checked and tweaked throughout the training process.

Nutrition Requirements: It is important to know when to eat to ensure your body is properly fueled throughout the race. Too large a pre-race meal may leave you feeling sluggish, too small a meal may leave you short of fuel. A nervous stomach may cause you to skip a meal. Next, there’s the question of what to eat and drink during the actual race. Therefore, it is paramount to have a race day nutrition strategy.

Mindset/Mantras: Because a triathlon is a long race, at times it can be mentally taxing. It is critical to develop a mental toughness by creating mantras and positive affirmations. Mantras are short phrases that help remind you of what you have been working for. They can re-energize you, and help you continue to push forward when the going gets tough. Both positive affirmations and mantras are key to race day success, as they will keep your mind focused on the task at hand.

Equipment: As you become a more seasoned athlete, you will learn more about each piece of equipment. You may even develop personal preferences. At Tailwind Endurance, we will help you understand what each piece of equipment is used for and how they work, and also give suggestions on the best gear for you.

Additional notes and reminders: It is a smart idea to keep a list of reminders and a triathlon packing list. These may include the following:
• First-aid items (blister treatment, bandages)
• Medical info/emergency contact card
• Sunscreen
• Race number and documents
• Transition bag(s)
• Cash/credit card/photo ID
• After-race clothing
• Duffel bag

Now that you’ve learned all about developing a triathlon training plan, sign up for a triathlon training class today or contact us (212-706-2166 or for more information on our various race prep resources.