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Triathlon Training In Your Power Zone

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Triathlon Training Power Zones

Training For Power

What is the measurement of power?
Power (W) = Force x distance / time

In other words, how hard you worked multiplied by how far you’ve gone divided by how long it took to get there.

There are two different measurements that can be used to describe how much power is being created:
Kilojoules: This is the basic unit of measurement for work. It is very useful because it is a unit that can be converted into a measurement of how much fuel your body will need for a given workout.

Watts/Kg: Watts are another metric by which power can be measured. As an individual unit, however, it can lead to deceptive results. A larger more muscular cyclist will generate more pure wattage than one who’s smaller. Because the size of cyclists varies greatly, adjusting wattage relative to the weight of the individual athlete leads to more accurate results.

Achieving Optimal Power

There are a number of ways to work towards achieving optimal power. These can vary from improving your cadence, specialized workouts and occasionally weight loss. Tailwind Endurance’s NYC triathlon coaches can help you understand how to use a power meter to track your workouts and use the results to modify your workouts.

Training with Tailwind Endurance is the most efficient way to get the most out of your workouts. We can get you on the right track quickly and keep you from losing valuable training time.

Why Is Power Important?

Power in a triathlon and endurance sports is important because understanding your output during a race can help you regulate your pacing and prevent you from burning out.

In addition, power is correlated to important psychological and physiological metrics including heart rate, lactate threshold, and perceived exertion. Understanding the numbers gives you accuracy and certainty on which to build your training. Often we see a direct correlation to athletes having a more specific and systematic training build to their success in racing. It is not that you are not able to work hard, it is that perhaps, you need to help with organizing your training to get the most out of your hard work.

For more power training insight, learn about specific power zones or sign up for a triathlon training class.