Triathlon Community in New York City

The Triathlon Community in NYC

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Triathlon Community New York

Why Join the Triathlon Community?

As triathlon coaches, we realize that it can be easy to lose ourselves in our training plans and forget about the sense of community that brought us to an athletic lifestyle in the first place. Our entire staff at Tailwind Endurance has many years of experience not only competing in the races but also in passing on the knowledge to other athletes throughout our community and enjoying all aspects of the triathlete lifestyle.

Although a triathlon may seem daunting, it certainly doesn’t have to be. Tailwind Endurance presents a unique opportunity for athletes who are new to the sport to fully immerse themselves in working toward their goal. Our community is welcoming and willing to share our knowledge and expertise, especially with beginners. Earl Walton, the founder of Tailwind Endurance, describes the community as the “Switzerland of triathlon training.”

What Does Tailwind Offer?

At Tailwind Endurance, we offer numerous classes and seminars for beginner athletes to help boost their skills and race IQ. Our classes include introductory cycling, which is held in our studio, as well as swim camps and education on race planning. Our support, however, doesn’t end once you walk out the Tailwind doors. We also provide you with exercise routines and training plans to be taken home. However, Tailwind Endurance is not just for beginners. We pride ourselves in training seasoned athletes on how to work on specific aspects of their training, in order for them achieve their best.

As a community, Tailwind Endurance knows the importance of staying up to date with the latest races, techniques and providing our students with an unparalleled racing resource. You can keep up to date with what’s happening here at Tailwind by following us on Facebook.

Whether you’ve ever thought about running a triathlon or you want to work on improving your race time, come and visit us at Tailwind Endurance. We look forward to meeting you.