Insider Triathlon Racing Tips

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Triathlon training New York City

At Tailwind Endurance, New York’s premier cycling and triathlon studio, we prepare you for every step of the triathlon training process. At our studio, you can take a variety of cycling classes, receive individual coaching, take open water swim classes, and learn from our many other training resources. We also have a great racing community, and we’re always happy to share our triathlon knowledge and experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned triathlete, we have something for you.

Knowledge Is Power

We are very proud of our coaching staff and athlete community. Our shared knowledge is a great asset, and joining will grant you access to that knowledge.

The importance of knowing the unique aspects of the triathlon course can make or break your race day. We use the collective knowledge of other experienced athletes, including professional triathletes, to provide our customers with an intimate understanding of the layout of a race.

These events provide a chance for racers to learn about the unique trials of each race, establish a course race strategy, and to get a “lay of the land” before the race weekend. This is an unparalleled resource for new racers and those seeking a course personal record!

It is critical to be well prepared. Below are some of our insider triathlon tips:

  1. Be aware of what time transition closes: There may be hours until your swim start, so remember to bring some extra food and nutrition to the race start.
  2. For the swim: Position yourself accordingly. If you’re a strong swimmer, be in the front. If you are a beginner, stay to the side or behind faster swimmers.
  3. For transition 1: Have your bike in a light gear and be very careful and calm as you leave transition. It can be crowded, and you want to ease your way into the first part of your ride. If you are using gloves, put them on once you are pedaling and are out of the transition area.
  4. For the ride: Ride single file except when passing. Make sure to watch the road for normal road hazards, and/or water bottles that may accidentally have been dropped. Know the location of aid stations. Lastly, be prepared for the bike ride by practicing the same elements you will see on race day – hills, tight corners, and long descents.
  5. For mechanicals mishaps: Make sure your bike is tuned up and you know how to change a flat.
  6. For the run: Hopefully, you have paced well and eaten properly. Make sure to keep hydrated as you go and stay focused. If possible, try and do a negative split run – start slower and get faster as the distance increases. Don’t forget to enjoy your fans and get ready for the finish line!

These are just a few of our triathlon tips. For more valuable intel, sign up for a triathlon training class or contact us (212-706-2166 or for individual coaching.