Triathlon Planning Guide

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Triathlon Training Planning New York City

Triathletes at any level, whether beginner or advanced, make a hefty commitment. With training taking up so much time and energy, it should be done as effectively and efficiently as possible. Because it’s a multi-sport, it requires careful planning. Our knowledgeable NYC triathlon coaches will teach and help you understand the factors impacting your training.

What factors impact triathlon training?

Aside from the intensity, frequency, and length of the swimming, cycling and running training sessions, a triathlete must also consider the following factors:

  • Technique training: If you want to achieve the best results from training, it’s essential that you don’t solely focus on volume training. Perfecting your technique will help you move more efficiently.
  • Strength training: Learning about how different modes of training work together is particularly important for multi-sport races, such as triathlons. Proper strength training is extremely important to ensure your body can endure the rigors of a long race.
  • Specific Training:
    • Your improvements must be measured in a repeatable form.
    • Your improvements must be tracked by a reliable source.
    • Your improvements must be indicators toward your ultimate goal.
    • Each phase of training will include a “progression” on the indicator.
    • Your improvements WILL inspire you to the next level of improvement.
  • Periodization of the plan: Our experienced coaches will work together with you to develop a plan that pushes you physically while keeping your body guessing, assuring that training for the big day never gets boring.
  • Injury prevention and recovery strategy: As important as it is to push yourself during training, it’s equally as important to get adequate rest.
  • Tapering and race prep: In the days leading up to the race, you will begin making your final preparations. Timing your race preparation makes certain everything is in order so that you can relax and give the race everything you’ve got.
  • Pre and post workout nutrition: Without fuel, your body cannot train. We will help you learn about race nutrition, so you know what to eat and when to eat it.

What obstacles may impact your training?

There are a number of possible obstacles that can impact your training. These may include:

  • Time: Many triathletes don’t have enough time to commit to training full time. They have other commitments, such as family, work, and friends.
  • Location: At times, triathletes may find themselves in an unfamiliar location. Alternatively, they may have to be somewhere where they cannot perform their workout.
  • Space: Space in a city, particularly New York City, is hard to come by. Even if you can find a place and time to perform your workout, the weather may not cooperate.

Our coaches at Tailwind Endurance are very knowledgeable and can advise you on how to tweak your training. They are focused on helping you achieve your triathlon goals. You can read “Triathlon Training When Life Gets in the Way” by our coach, Earl Walton, on quick ways to overcome possible hurdles.

Learn more about writing a triathlon racing plan here. You can also sign up for a triathlon training class or contact us (212-706-2166 or for more information on our various race prep resources.